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As I looked towards her bedroom, there she was making her bed. She had put the new bed frame together by herself and put her box spring and Casper mattress on it. She said she got tired of waiting for her friend and decide to do it by herself. She told me it was easy to assemble and what a difference it made to her room. This item came up immediately, and while it’s cheap by price, it’s a shockingly sturdy bed frame. I had little to no faith in this when it first arrived. The headboard and footboard were too wide for the bed. It’s only about an inch and a half, but that meant we couldn’t attach them to our platform. We solved this by removing the hardware that connects the two halves of the platform together. I have found it best to put some cushions on the feet so that they don’t slide, whether you have carpet or wood floors this would probably be a safe bet.

I am a rough flipper in bed when looking for the “perfect spot” and the mattress hasn’t slipped off or even almost. The space under is very spacious and I have put storage under it, which was I bought this in the first place. My family is full of heavy weights and it has definitely held up. I think you’d be able to store smaller stuff underneath the bed, I know the possibility of storage is a huge selling point but it isn’t all that forgiving. The size was true-to-queen, our Casper mattress with discount code fit on it really well. We also just pushed the base up against the baseboard legs. I like that there’s room under for storage. We used our bedskirt to hide the legs and it looks great – provides a nice, even firm base for the mattress. I used a box spring with mine, and so my Casper mattress sits up super high. Not so high it’s absolutely ridiculous, but a little ridiculous, yes. I like it though, and it has firmed my mattress up using both the frame and a box spring, which I like a lot.


He said this frame would equally support the bed and avoid issues with dust mites. At $85 (and free prime shipping) that made this the economical choice. This is the second Casper we have purchased, the other one being a step up from this, for our master bedroom. The frame feel sturdy and like it has a few years on before it’ll break down. It doesn’t squeak or make any annoying noises even when you jump on the bed. The headboard kit worked great with this frame. All the included hardware all fit where it was suppose to. That was until I found this platform, for how low the price is I was skeptical but with a bank account dwindling from too many onesies purchased I took a chance. They fit together making one for the larger size mattress, but could easily be used as two separate twin frames if the need ever came up. I’m not a small bodied person and this has yet to make any squeaks. Also, I know you don’t need to have a box spring but I chose to keep mine on the bottom which ended up perfectly because my bed is the perfect height for me.

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